Visit the world-famous Titanic Exhibition in Budapest

Titanic Exhibition is one of the most unique travelling exhibitions in the world. It showcases hundreds of original equipment found on the historical shipwreck. The unique, historical atmosphere of the exhibition take visitors back in time and make them feel being one of the passengers on the most famous transatlantic mega-ship of the century.

Titanic was the mightiest transatlantic liner of the world back then. It symbolized European people’s belief in technological development and their hope for a better life in the US. After an unexpected collision with an iceberg Titanic sank and made over 1500 people lost their lives.


The Titanic Exhibition consists of different sections referring to different aspects and stories of the shipwreck. Visitors can see the original equipment, furnishings of the ship and the personal belongings, clothes, jewelries of the passengers. Every personal object tells shocking and touching stories about lives of rich and poor people on the ship coming from different countries and cultures.


Many don’t know that the Titanic tragedy has Hungarian aspects also. The exhibition has a dedicated Hungarian section. Here visitors can have an insight to the stories of Hungarian passengers also.


Titanic exhibition is truly an experience you should not miss during your stay in Budapest.


For more information and ticket prices visit the official website of the exhibition!



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