3 Tips For a Great River Cruise on the Danube

River Danube is truly the most unique element of the cityscape of Budapest. Danube (or as we Hungarians say: ‘Duna’) is the second longest river in Europe and makes our capital stand out from many of the surrounding capitals. When it comes to river cruises there are lots of opportunities in Budapest: dozens of tour-boat operators offer hundreds of different river cruises on the Danube all year, all week and all day. Let us recommend you 3 great we can recommend honestly.


1. The Gastro-Boat of the Danube – Pannonia Boat


Pannonia Boat offers an amazing insight into the Hungarian culinary culture and a memorable trip on the Danube at the same time. While cruising in the heart of our historical capital you can enjoy an absolutely unique menu of Hungarian and international dishes on board. If you search for gastronomy and a hangout on the Danube in an elegant setting Pannonia Boat is recommended for you!

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2. The Most Popular on the Danube – Legenda Boats


Legenda (meaning ‘legend’ in Hungarian) is the most sought-after boat trip operator in Budapest. It offers different types of boat trips with a range of additional services. You can pick from 2 main types of sightseeing cruises: daytime and evening cruises. Daytime cruises are nice too but we would recommend to try an evening tour first, rather. (The shimmering lights of Budapest at night has an atmosphere that couldn’t be compared to anything). Legenda also offers dinner cruises for those who you would like to have a candlelit dinner while enjoying the breathtaking view of Budapest.

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3. For a Bigger Adrenaline Shot – The Floating Bus


River Ride’s floating bus in Budapest was the first bus in Europe that can drive from the street straight into the water – literally. It starts off from a central downtown location as a normal “terrestrial” bus and when it reaches the riverbank it continues the trip as a boat. Guidance is available in 7 languages (including English, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian also). River Ride’s floating bus trip is an absolutely unique and exciting experience. You should not miss it during your visit to Budapest!

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Source: http://dfive.hu/

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