Budapest is Among the Top 6 Winter Destinations in the World

In 2013, prestigious Condé Nast Traveler Magazine asked its’ readers about their favourite tourism destinations. That time Budapest earned Readers Choice Award as the 2nd best tourism destination in the world. Now, local Hungarians were made proud again: our beloved capital was on the list again. Budapest is among the top 6 winter destinations in the world. 


Classical architecture – Like nowhere else

The magazine’s readers have listed a few reasons why they found Budapest so attracting at winter, also. First they mentioned the uniqueness of the capital’s architecture. International visitors found the well-maintained, classical-style buildings of the downtown truly amazing. The cityscape of Budapest is developing constantly but also strongly preserve the classical characteristics of previous decades and centuries. Most of the buildings in downtown Budapest was built in different styles such as Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Baroque and Gothic style. These well-maintained historical buildings paired with lots of new facilities, shopping malls and modern business centres make Budapest a unique match of history and modernity.


Panorama, River Danube and of course… Wine!

The magazine also mentioned the special feeling of taking a walk in the city without a map. There are over 3-4 square kilometres in downtown Budapest where it’s not necessary to have a map to find a lovely street with beautiful, historical buildings or a spot with amazing panorama on River Danube. Also there are  hundreds of possibilities to walk into a stylist restaurant, café or pub and have a sip of quality Hungarian wine or a fine Hungarian dish.

These are just a few things that made Budapest the ‘Paris of Central-Eastern Europe’ again, 30 years after the fall of the communist regime in Hungary – according to Condé Nast Traveler.

Breakfast Sandwiches.jpg

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