The Face of Budapest as You’ve Never Seen it Before

One of the most unique events of the year is about to come next weekend. Budapest100 is an annual celebration of the capital’s architecture, history and culture. Referring to the 100-years-long history of the capital Budapest100 focuses on the classical buildings and monuments of the city center. The event highlights the untold stories, amazing historical facts and personal aspects behind the condominiums, buildings, squares and streets of Budapest. This year’s event will focus on the squares of Budapest.


Last year’s Budapest100 included hundreds of classical-style buildings on the bank of River Danube. The organizers of the event published a smart and useful booklet about the secret stories of these buildings. Visitors had a chance to enter these buildings for free and attend to different programs (presentations, live interviews, musical performances etc.) and get a deeper insight into the history of these spots.

This year’s main topic will be the squares of the city center. Over 100 buildings in the vicinity of different squares on the Pest and the Buda side will welcome visitors all weekend between the 5th and 6th of May. If you like walking in the city center, meeting new people and enjoying the special atmosphere of the downtown buildings this event will be one of your favourites.

More information on the event’s official website!

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