True Italian hospitality in Budapest – We tested Caffe Shakerato

As the founders and promoters of Budapest Breakfast Card (a new, smart way to have breakfast in central Budapest) we decided to visit all the cafés and restaurants again we partnered with. We have 10 amazing breakfast spots in downtown offering fresh and fine breakfast options to our guests at d.Five Apartments. Our first destination was Cafe Shakerato in district 5. Aranykéz Street. What we experienced was beyond expectations.

2-meret (1)

Café Shakerato

Since it’s opening earlier this year Shakerato became more and more popular both among locals and tourists. The café is owned and run by a Hungarian-Italian family. Entering the place you will surely get a few welcoming words from the owner, Alessandra or David the barista at Shakerato. The friendly and homely atmosphere that we experienced from the very first minute made us feel like being in a traditional ristorante in Italy.

Our experience

Shakerato offers 3 breakfast options. We picked the menus no. 2 and 3. Option no. 2 includes a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, 2 ham&cheese toasts (ham can be replaced with bacon) and an optional coffee. Option no. 3 includes a  nice portion of ham&eggs or bacon&eggs. When we were hesitating about what to choose David offered an extra portion of toast so we can try it without giving bacon&eggs up. It was great news for egg fanatics like us.


They were absolutely flexible when we had any special requests. One of us wanted to replace orange juice with apple juice. They replaced it immediately to a fine bottle of  Granini Apple juice.

Portions were generous. Ham & cheese toasts were crunchy from the outside and super-creamy in the inside. Melty cheese and big flavour of quality english  bacon in each bites of the toast.

Then the bacon&eggs. Crispy bacon on the borders. Finely fried whites. Runny yolks. Warm, freshly baked bread rolls.

The traditional Italian espresso was a kicky dark essence of flavour with massive crema on the top. Perfect way to complete a perfect breakfast.

No words.

Our rating for Café Shakerato is:

  • Food: 10/10
  • Portions: 9/10
  • Service: 10/10
  • Overall experience: 10/10


The d.Five team











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