3 reasons why next weekend is going to be amazing in Budapest

As always, August is one of the most exciting periods of the year in Budapest. There are thousands of amazing possibilities to spend your free time and discover the city. Here are the top 3 reasons why the upcoming weekend will be very special.


National holiday & Fireworks


The 20th of August is one of the most important national holidays in the country. On this day Hungarians celebrate the foundation of the Hungarian state by the first king of the Hungarians, St. Stephen. Celebrations take place countrywide and thousands of locals gather on the streets of the capital to watch the breathtaking fireworks. Watching the fireworks from the river bank is an unforgettable experience however it’s also great to enjoy the show from a boat. Buy your boat tickets HERE!


Festival of folk arts


This unique and colorful festival takes place on the terraces of Buda Castle. Year by year thousands of international and local visitors come to view craft masters working, attend to workshops and enjoy live folk performances and taste the finest local food and drinks of the Hungarian countryside. Find out more!


It’s going to be a long weekend


As the 20th of August will take place on Tuesday Hungarians can enjoy Monday as the part of the weekend – which means an extra day off for everyone of us. As usually lots of Budapest citizens (mainly families) leave Budapest for long weekends like this, you can enjoy a less crowded capital during these days – of course the 20th of August is an exception. 🙂

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