Ristorante Taormina

Our restaurant offers the traditional Italian feeling with the atmosphere of old, rustical furnishings and an elegant setting.
80 guests can enjoy the finest Italian and Hungarian cuisine with the most excellent wine selection from Hungary and from Italy.


La Lucia Wok & Grill

Both the restaurant area and the open kitchen area have been designed according to the most modern standards to make sure that the gastronomic requirements of our guests are fully satisfied.


Százéves étterem

The Százéves étterem (Hundred Years Old Restaurant) is the oldest restaurant in Budapest. It has opened in the hearth of the city in 1831, at the ground floor of a baroque palace. Our restaurant is able to host up to 80 guests at the same time. What we can offer is the finest Hungarian and international cuisine and the most excellent Hungarian wines in an elegant contemporary atmosphere surrounded by rustic furniture. When the sun goes down, candlelight and traditional Hungarian Gypsy music makes the gastronomic experience even more memorable.